Trager® Introductory Workshop (from one hour to two days)

Trager® Tools for Massage Therapists (3 days)

Trager® Professional Certification Training Program
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Level I (6 days)
Level II (6 days)
Level III (5 days)
Level IV (3 days)
Level V: Spirals and Diagonals (3 days)
Level V: Breath (3 days)
Mentastics®: A Path to Peace and Pleasure (1, 2 or 3 days)
Level V: Beyond Self-Care (3 days)

Sidelying (3 day elective)

Movement and Transformation (3, 4, or 5 day elective workshops/retreats)
The Power of the Pelvis
Opening the Heart
Freeing the Voice

Speaking and Listening with the Body Systems (3 days)

Living Your Fullness (7 day elective)
Summer Mentastics Retreat for the Trager community and friends

Professional Development through Personal Transformation
Year long elective training program for Trager Students and Practitioners
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Speaking and Listening with the Body Systems

In this elective workshop for students and practitioners of the Trager Approach, we explore the various "minds” of the body, and work with clients from these states. In each system mind, we ask questions like: "How do I move? How is my touch? How do I feel the weight? How do I pause? What is the quality of my connection to my client?" Easy access to a richer pallet of feeling "colors" give us more range and depth in reaching a broader variety of clients.

When we focus our personal Mentastics on the skeleton with its bones and joints, it leads us to loose freedom of movement, mental playfulness, and an articulateness of touch. When we allow the organ system to come into the foreground of our Mentastics experience, it leads us into roundness and buoyancy of movement, and a more full and encompassing touch. A focus on the nervous system brings detail and precision to both touch and movement communication. The connective tissue as guiding image brings length and volume to our own movement, and powerful supportiveness to our touch as well as an ability to handle our clients’ weight more easily. The muscle system gives density and meatiness to our dialog with the tissue. Our fluid systems inform the many rhythms of ripples and waves, and invite boundary-less floating for our clients.

24 Credit Hours
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Living Your Fullness: Week-long Mentastics Retreat for the Trager Community and Friends

This format is a unique option for the Trager community. The spaciousness of our time in this retreat workshop allows time for a depth of inner connection not always available in our more concentrated three day workshops. Alternating between class time, receiving sessions, outdoor activities and personal free time encourages broader integration of Trager principles into our lives. The open prerequisites allow people from various levels of involvement in our work to come together and inspire each other. For Students new in the work, it offers a broadening of their experience. For long time Practitioners, it offers extended time to sink deeper into the personal practice. For those who want to work with Mentastics in groups, this workshop may be a rich source of ideas and modeling. For partners and friends it gives the space to explore our work in a relaxed and playful context. The organization of the seven days is loosely based on our own explorations and on movement/awareness qualities we associate with the 7 energy chakras.
32 Credit Hours

Class Objectives

  • Inspiring enthusiasm for the use of Trager principles in daily life.
  • Deepening connection to these priciples for use with clients and peers.
  • Developing and differentiating feeling qualities.
  • Expanding and integrating wider range of movement qualities for personal pleasure and for use with clients.
  • Exploring different aspects of body/mind experience
  • Integration of body/mind energy in the context of our understanding of hook-up.
  • Sinking into deep rest and inner quiet.
  • Connecting with the joy and pleasure of the sensory world.
  • Practicing more being and less doing.
  • Experiencing and exploring one's own intuition as a guide in self development, and in contacts with clients.
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Professional Development through Personal Transformation

Year-long program that starts and ends with a week-long seminar, (24 classroom credit hours, each; same seminar both times) and has 12 months of individually designed fieldwork and professional development coaching tutorials in between. The program is designed to provide inspiration, motivation, assessment (self, peer and staff) and guidance in the area of professional development. The seminar involves 4 hours of class a day, 2 or more hours/day of personal work on assignments, 2 or more hours/day (unsupervised) trading Trager sessions with fellow participants, 2 individual coaching sessions with staff (one hour each).

Program goals are to assist Practitioners and Level III Students in:

  • Developing and implementing a clear vision for their practice.
  • Improving confidence and effectiveness in their work.
  • "Owning" Trager as an exciting and viable professional identity.
  • Improving their skill in doing demonstrations.
  • Building enthusiasm for speaking and writing about the work.
  • Integrating the principles of the work into daily life for personal transformation.
  • Building the practice they want by taking responsibility for personal development and by taking daily actions with the support of the training team and fellow participants.
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